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RULES and River Etiquette

Welcome to the 6th Annual Upper Colorado Fall Classic. We want to ensure a safe and courteous event and are providing a set of rules for all to follow. Be safe, have fun, and good fishing.

  • Scoring will be a combination of number of TROUT caught and length of your three (3) measured fish. 

  • You may only measure three fish in the tray. If one falls shy of the 12” minimum, no bonus, but still counts. 

  • This is a Catch and Release event. This is also a TEAM EVENT!!! Work together with your partner & Guide! 

  • Anglers must keep the fish alive and in good health until the rower can safely measure the fish. 

  • Anglers may bank/wade fish public areas if the rower can safely pull off in that location, and it is public! 

  • Your guide must record all three fish and you must provide a photo to document your three measured fish. 

  • The competitor may assist the guide with the measuring process to ensure safety of the fish. 

  • Measuring tube will be used to determine length of fish, pinching tail down is permitted. 

  • Lay net in measuring tube to protect fish and to speed measuring process. 

  • Pinched barbs on ALL hooks – barbless hooks ok, as well. 

  • Any fly rod is allowed!!! Each angler may have up to three rods (3) rigged if desired. 

  • All fly fishing tackle is allowed with the exception of pegging! Only fish caught IN the mouth count!!! 

  • Guides are not allowed to fish. 

  • No live baits or artificially scented baits. 

  • Colorado Fishing License is required for all anglers – be prepared to show your license.

  • All Colorado Fishing Rules & Regs (no more than 3 flies at one time) must be followed. 

  • Please obey all access and trespassing signage. 

  • Life jackets are mandatory, type of your choosing. Anglers may provide own PFD. 

  • Late arrivals will be penalized 10 points per team per minute (unless river emergency). 

* Rules are subject to change without notice.


  • Each & Every Fish Scores 10 points including the fish measured for length. 

  • On the measured fish, 2 bonus points per 1 inch, round to the nearest 1 inch. Again, 12” minimum!!! Examples: 12” fish equals 2 bonus points. 17” fish equals 12 bonus points. 20” fish equals 18 bonus points. 

  • Take picture of all three fish 12 inches or better in fish tubes (measure and record). 

    * Rules are subject to change without notice.